One of the advantages of United Managed Services Support is that we can easily provide
assistance as needed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can change passwords, unlock
accounts, apply updates and give desktop support to users by connecting directly to their
respective machine or phone support. If onsite visits are required we will schedule a time to
be on-site based on severity of the issue. All mission critical issues will be handled with a
same service policy unless otherwise specified within the contract or proposal.

We provide these major services:

1) Our NOC “Network Operations Center" maintains contact with your server and alerts us
when there are issues that need attention, such as a failing hard drive, excessive processor
usage or virus activity.

2) The system will generate automatic alerts, backup reports and performance statistics on
a regular basis. Some of these are daily, some are weekly.

3) United Global will connect remotely to your system to perform proactive maintenance in
order to ensure peak performance of equipment.

4) We apply all important updates to all vendor approved applications as they are released.
Any 3rd party applications will receive updates via Software manufacturer.

This fixed-fee service agreement would include the monthly maintenance, offsite monitoring
and all labor for a flat monthly fee. These services are offered only if applicable to the
services chosen.

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